"Milica Govich softens the hard edges of Sara, so that her snobbery and Anglophilia seem less a spectacular trompe l'oeil stunt than an unfortunate inevitability."

Sylviane Gold--THE NEW YORK TIMES    (The Sisters Rosensweig)


"As Kate, Govich provides this show's real tour de force --  the joyful, loving mother and hurting yet hopeful wife . . . The whole household hurts with her, and so do we."
Lawrence B. Johnson--THE DETROIT NEWS  (Broadway Bound)


"But it's Govich you can't help watching every time she walks onto the stage.  And her meltdown in the second act is worth the price of admission."
Donald Calamia--BETWEEN THE LINES  (The Clean House)


"The funniest role belongs to Govich's Virginia, no joke teller and totally unable to speculate what makes something funny . . . which Govich delivers masterfully."
Daniel Skora--THEATER REVIEW (The Clean House)


"Perhaps most important to the mix [is] the extraordinary comic talents of Nikolovski and Milica Govich, who plays yang to Nikolovski's yin.  They continue in an inspired pas de deux of perfect timing."
Sally Mitani--ANN ARBOR OBSERVER (The Clean House)


"Torrey gets a terrific performance from Milica Govich as Corie's mother, Ethel.  Govich brings softer edges and additional dimensions to a character who is often played as obtrusive and nothing more."
Martin F. Kohn--THE DETROIT FREE PRESS (Barefoot in the Park)


"In the role of Trina, the attractive but often confused wife, Milica Govich turns in an irresistible and effortless performance."

Victoria Diaz--THE OBSERVER AND ECCENTRIC (Falsettos)


"As Trina, New York actress Milica Govich, is great as a woman who overlooks her own needs as she attends the men in her life.  As Govich, the best singer in the cast, breaks down, and into song, preparing dinner, her Trina is perhaps the play's most sympathetic character."
John Sousanis--THE OAKLAND PRESS (Falsettos)


"Milica Govich gives a subtle moving performance as a woman struggling to end an affair."
John Sousanis--THE OAKLAND PRESS (Let it Be)